23 October 2018

Fresh Bamboo Shoots Chutney

It's been months, a year? more like close to two? since my last post. It's been so long that I'd even forgotten how to use the camera 😅 Reasons for my long absence are a plenty. However, all I want to share with you today is my love for fresh bamboo shoots, in chutney form this time around.

I've been meaning to share this recipe for the longest time. However, getting hold of fresh bamboo shoots was imposible (to be pronounced in Spanish😎). Fortunately, mid this year I got to go to my hometown to show off my new baby💃(one of the reasons for MIA) and came back to the city lugging steamed fresh bamboo shoots, which went straight to the freezer. This recipe is very fresh, very yum, you must try it out when you get your hands on some fresh whole bamboo shoots.

Note: Steamed bamboo shoots freeze well for over 4 - 5 months.

Ngari (Fermented fish) - 3 big ones
Garlic - 7-8 cloves
Fresh Green Chillies - 10
Fresh Raja Mirch - 1
Salt - as per taste
Whole steamed bamboo shoots - 1, shredded and chopped


If using steamed bamboo shoots that's frozen, defreeze it by pouring hot water over it and letting it sit for a couple of minutes while you get the chutney base.

Roast the ngari over a slotted aluminium spoon or any old metal plate/lid with a perforated surface, keep aside. Now, roast the green chilies and the raja mirchi in the same manner till it's slightly burned on all sides and keep aside.

Once all the ingredients are prepped, first put the ngari, garlic, a little salt and pound it up till well mashed using mortar&pestle.  Then, add the green chilies and king chili, continue pounding till the chilies are broken down and the things are well combined.

Finally, add the shredded and chopped bamboo shoots, give it a through mixing. Voilà! your chutney is ready.

If you need more texture, you can add shredded dried meat, some fish mint root, some stink beans etc. Enjoy!!

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