26 October 2018

Caramelized Gooseberries/Talouthoi/Amla

I love gooseberries. I enjoy having it as is with a pinch of salt, soaked in salt water, sweetened and sun-dried, as a juice....every which way it's made.

This recipe happened by accident. I had some gooseberries with me which were getting spoilt and I wanted to preserve it by soaking the fruits in sugar syrup.

So I dumped the batch into a sauce pan, throw in a cup of sugar and some water. My intention was to let it come to boil, let the sugar dissolve, and keep it aside to cool. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about it as I got carried away with doing other chores. When I came around to it, the sugar had totally caramelized and frothing away, almost turning into toffee.

I quickly took it off heat, poured water over it, and let it cool. Amazingly, what happened was that the ordinary green amla had turned into a brown beauty queen -- sooo good! If you're an amla kind of person that is -- my husband didn't care two hoots about my excitement­čśĆ Also, the longer the gooseberries steeped in the syrup, the better it tasted. Yesssss! Try and see how you like this new way of having Vitamin- C.

500 grams - Fresh Gooseberries
1 Cup - Sugar
1 Cup + 1/2 Cup - Water


Put the gooseberries, sugar, and 1 cup water in a saucepan. 

Cook  this mixture in high heat for about 30 minutes until the sugar begins to bubble/frothy.

Once it starts bubbling, turn down heat to simmer until the sugar begin to caramelize or smell burnt and turn brown. By this time, both your gooseberries and your sugar would have turned brown. Take it off  heat and pour the remaining 1/2 cup water into the saucepan, give it a good stirring, and put it back on the stove. Bring it to boil, then turn off heat. Keep covered till it comes to room temperature.

Once cooled, prick the gooseberries and let it steep in the syrup for as long as you can delay the eating­čśä

Serve your caramelized gooseberries with the syrup, like you would serve rasgulla or gulab jamun etc. You can enjoy this at room temperature or chilled. It's delicious both ways. If you have leftover syrup, raise a toast to yourself and gulp it down. Enjoy!

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