About Me


My name is Christina Panmei. I am a Naga by birth, South Indian by marriage, settled in Hyderabad. I am also an incorrigible foodie. I live by a motto that "Life is short, so love God, love others, keep a clear conscience, love yourself and never hold back on desert." The the titanic did sink, so why worry about the kilos. Cook. Eat. Count the kilos later.

This space is quite simply my online recipe diary to record all the recipes that the family loves, recipes fished out from the net, passed on by friends and family, and a lot of experimental ones dished out by yours truly. This blog is a testament of how involved and passionate I have become to learn, relearn and pass on the passion of the joy of cooking (and baking) to friends and family.

First year of marriage, I was utterly clueless in the kitchen. In the North East, people generally use garden/farm fresh spices and herbs, and I was pretty handy cooking my regional style, but post marriage I was stuck in a kitchen that only had dried and ground spices i am completely unfamiliar with. I loved the food, but was just ignorant and uninspired to learn and cook. Then I became a mummy, and somehow my love for cooking and baking just snap right out from some unknown closet. Once I found my love for cooking and especially baking, there was no looking back.

I started this blog without any clear vision of how, or where I want to take it forward, it was just a simple diary of sorts, and quite frankly, I did not expect anyone to be looking up this page other than my friends and family. But one fine day I logged in to find out that someone from so far away had become a follower of my online recipe diary. Yes!! Of course!...I was excited.

Over the year I realized that there are very few bloggers showcasing the indigenous Naga cuisine. I have, therefore, decided to put my focus on doing my bit in promoting the food from my homeland. Many dishes will be traditional, some will be my interpretation of a traditional dish, flavors influenced by my marriage to a wonderful South Indian. Some dishes will be pretty much on a whim, random as one would generally say, quite a few cakes and other bakes, interesting recipes passed on from friends..These are the kind of food you can expect here at Pan Cuisine.

I must give the credit to Nigella Lawson for inspiring me to start on my baking journey. I totally adore her and her cooking. Closer to home the other blogger/baker I constantly look up to for inspiration is Deeba Rajpal@passionate about baking. She is just amazing!!.

As mentioned in some my posts, my mom is not a great cook. She is one of those person who would rather be out gardening, and tending to her flowers than cook. Evidently, we suffered her food. That said, she did have a couple of dishes that were really delicious and ever etched in our mind as quintessentially mom's. My cousin sisters, from my dad's side, we're excellent cooks, and my love for good food started from eating out of their kitchen, ever longing for more. So, love for good food and good cooks did run in the the family after all :).

Over the years I have improved in my cooking, and my understanding of how various spices play to make or break a dish. I am ever inspired to lean and adapt in my cooking, at the same time determined to preserve the authenticity of the food I grew up eating. So, here it is, recipes from my humble kitchen. I hope you find inspiration to get on and get cooking!

If you are reading this, I am sure you are as passionate about food as I am. Thank you for stopping over here, I am truly ecstatic to realize the number of people from various places looking up this blog.

If you have tried any of my recipe/recipes, I would appreciate your honest feedback. In case you have any query regarding cooking naga cuisine or any of the recipes here, do feel free to mail me at pancuisine@rocketmail.com. Cheers to fun in the kitchen!!

Love & Hugs,
Christina Panmei.