30 October 2018

Wai Wai with Bacon and King Chili ~ Memories of hostel life

Why Wai Wai? Because this thing was a life saver during those hostel days when hostel food had the power to send you into a deep and dark depression. And guess what? My relationship with this packet isn't over yet -- in fact, the love for it has been passed on to the next generation. The son loves it too! For days when you're too tired, too lazy, too uninspired to cook something, anything...wai wai continues to be a life saver.

I have so many fond memories of enjoying wai wai in hostel with my girlfriends -- stealing vegetables from the hostel pantry, bully/beg the cook to boil some hot water, pleading with him not to inform the Mess Manager😅 We've had wai wai in various ways; some really delicious, some utterly disgusting if one were to recreate it now😆 With this thoughts come the realization that I'm not in touch with many of them now. Girls with whom I have had many food memories. Isn't this the magic of  food? A certain taste, a certain aroma, and it jog ones memory afresh.

So today I'm rounding off my last post for the month of October with this simple dish (my favorite way of enjoying a bowl of wai wai these days) reminiscing about the past. Do you also have interesting memories associated with wai wai? Or, a favorite wai wai recipe?

1 packet - Wai Wai
1 - Raja Chili
3-4 - Bacon strips
1 Tbsp - Coriander or Spring onion

Cook the noddles as per your preference. I love soupy, so I normally add water till the entire noodles is submerged.

As you wait for the the water to heat up, take a pan and brown the bacon on both sides. Make sure you don't crisp it up too much -- control the heat so that it's hot enough just to brown the bacon and remove some oil from the fat. Keep aside.

Once the water come to a rolling boil, you embody Nigella Lawson. Take a kitchen scissor and snip up the bacon and raja chili into the pot. I suggest you use just the skin of the chili and not the seeds. This way you get to enjoy the refreshing taste of the king chili without your tongue and lips going numb.

Continue cooking till the water reduces a tad bit. Turn off heat, chop up any green herbs you have, give it a good mixing, and your yum yum wai wai is ready. Enjoy!!

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