18 August 2011

Eromba: Mashed Potato with Bamboo-shoot Chutney

Eromba is a traditional chutney of the Meitei's residing in the Imphal valley in North East India. This is a really spicy chutney made wit the combination of the favorite local ingredients like fermented dried fish, fermented bamboo-shoot and Raja/King chilli.

This chutney will make it's appearance in a lot of the dinner tables of the Naga's residing in Manipur, but not so much in Nagaland. A chutney is a MUST for lunch and dinner, and so according to the main dish, a chutney will be made that will compliment the main dish.

Eromba goes beautifully well with Pork curry, made the traditional way. The key to a good eromba is the quality of the fermented fish, the fish should be close to sweet smelling and the best way to judge is to just pick up the most expensive one in the market. It's okay to make it with any chilli that's available at hand, but it taste best when made with dried Raja/King chilli. Here's the recipe.

2 Medium Sized - Potatoes
5 Medium Sized - Dried Fermented Fish
1 Big - Raja Chilli
1 Medium - Onion, Sliced evenly
6-7 Pods - Garlic
1/2 Cup -Fermented  Bamboo Shoot
Salt - According to taste

1. Pressure cook the potatoes and bamboo shoot. Peel the potatoes and keep aside
2. Roast the fermented fish and King chilli (you can use an old slotted spoon for this purpose) and keep aside
3. Put the cleaned garlic pods, the roasted ingredients, some salt and mash it together to bring out a paste
4. Mash the potatoes, mix it with the bamboo shoot. 
5. To this mixture add the paste and mix it really well. Add about 2-3 Tbsp of water to get the consistency     
    you want. 
6. Garnish it with the sliced onions and some coriander leaves if you want.

The quantity will be just right for 3-4 people. Have it over plain rice and pork curry and you have a complete lip-smacking meal. 

Bon Apatite!! 


  1. would like so very much to sample your North-East Indian recipes and let you know. may I request a list of cooking ingredients which one must keep in handy to try these recipes,for example dried bamboo shoots,fermented fish etc etc.Recently I have noticed that many cooking ingredents are available online in net,your list might help for ordering those.Thank you

  2. Saw your blog and just wanted to say great job there. Love your cooking style and will keep discovering interesting recipes of the northeast

    1. Hello, Zeri! Thanks so much for the encouraging feedback. You have a lovely cornor yourself -- let's keep cooking! :)

  3. is this recipe for 2 portion ??

    1. Hi!

      Since this dish is a chutney, you can serve from 2 - 6 people depending how many chilies you use :). Hope this help!


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