3 August 2011

Beef On Soy Sauce

I love beef. And being a Naga, we are hopelessly devoted to pork and beef. Weddings and other special occasions, where the community feast together, without either of these or both item showing up on the menu is a ludicrous affair and such a blunder gets talked about years and years down the line;). Anyways, i felt it's apt for me to start off the very first post with a beef recipe.

Today i am sharing a family favorite, beef on soy sauce. And yes, it is to be enjoyed with the bones. Another thing about the Naga community is that we love having out meat with the bones attached. The messier the better is more like it :). If you are a pure boneless sorts, do feel free to do without the bones, mind you though that you are missing out on the flavors from the marrows.

This is totally my kind of food because it taste great and yet take so little of your time. A real life-saver when you have unexpected guests for dinner:). Here's the recipe:

1 Kilo - Beef with bones
1 Tbsp - Ginger diced
6-7 Pods - Garlic flattened with a knife
1 Tbsp - Dark Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp - Light/Regular Soy Sauce
1 Tsp - White Vinegar
1 Medium - Onion chopped into four equal halves then separate the layers
2 Medium - Carrots chopped       
1 Green - Capsicum/Bell Pepper chopped into bite-size chunks
1 Stalk - Spring Onion, Chopped for garnish
3 Tbsp - Oil for stir frying
Salt - According to taste keeping in mind that soy sauce is salty

1. Pressure cook the beef with about 50 - 60 ml water and 1 Tsp salt until tender
2. Once done, transfer the cooked meat to any vessel using a slotted spoon and keep the stock aside for later
3. Heat oil till really hot toss in the ginger stir for a minute or two, then in goes the garlic, stir for another    
    minute or two
4. Drop in the Onions, toss it till slightly brow, then goes the Carrots and the Capsicum. Stir fry for about two
5. Next up, dump the cooked Beef pieces and toss it properly so that the Ginger and Garlic flavor is rubbed
    into the meat as much as possible
6. Now add the light Soy sauce, mix it properly, then add Vinegar, mix it up again and let it cook for a minute
    or two
7. If the meat start sticking on the pan, sprinkle about 4-5 Tbsp of the stock that was kept aside and at this
    point cover the pan with the lid and cook for about two minutes
8. Add the Dark soy sauce towards the last 5 minutes of the cooking, sprinkle the Spring onions and serve.

Total Time of cooking will be around 30 minutes. 10-15 minutes for pressure cooking the beef and around 15-20 minutes to fry the meat and vegetables.

This will be a dry dish and so it's best enjoyed with either egg or vegetable fried rice or even with dal and plain rice :).

Bon Appetite!!

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