12 September 2011

Perfect Cuppa Organic Tea

The whole world is waking up to the goodness of green tea and i believe it is for the better. India has also joined this bandwagon and so a lot of the brands are endorsing the new trend. What seems like a NEW trend to the whole world, is just an old one to the tribal regions of the North East of India. Assam and Darjeeling are the popular big boys concerning tea from this region. However, the FACT is that there are other regions as well producing superior quality tea, just that they have never been commercially endorsed.

I am from one of those lesser know regions, which produces organic and very aromatic tea. My family has been growing tea from more than four generations now. And i have to say that Tamenglong tea is far better in taste and aroma then other organic tea sourced from India.

Today i'm gonna show you a step-by-step pictorial, my family style, on how to enjoy a nice and hot cuppa organic tea. This tea falls under the Biluochun or Green Spring Snail Tea. It has a smooth taste and is beautifully aromatic and might i add, intoxicating to the senses.

This tea however, is meant to be enjoyed without sugar or milk. Here is the how you go about making a beautiful cup of  tea.

Step 1:
Measure and place the tea leaves on a steel tumbler or jug. For 1 regular coffee cup of tea for 5-4 days, you'll need around 4-5 Tbsp of green tea leaves.

Step 2:
Bring 2 cups of the water to boiling point, here you do not want to over-boil the water because it will alter the taste of your tea. Also, you may want to use bottled water (if you live in the city) because tap water somehow spoils the flavor.

Step 3:
Pour about a cup of the the boiling water on tothe tea leaves and let it sit covered for 5-6 minutes. Pour the remaining water to the cup you're gonna drink your tea and keep aside covered.


Step 4:
As you can see, by the end of 5-6 minutes the leaves have begun to expand emitting it's flavor on to the water.

Step 5:
If you want a stronger tea, leave it covered for 10-15 minutes, the soaking water will turn red, the color of red wine. At this stage the tea is very concentrated.

Step 6:
Pour the concentrated tea extract over the cup of water you had kept aside. If you are a newbie go by the color. The one in this picture below is a medium-strong cup of tea.

Store the tea concentrate in the fridge if you stay in a hot place, to prevent it from fermenting. Once it ferments it's just good for the garbage can.

You can refill the concentrate in the same process for up to 4-5 days. Dispose it once the water you soak the tea concentrate turns light yellow and it gives out a stale scent and taste.

So, there it is. That is the way we enjoy this lovely green tea in my home. It is very refreshing especially after a heavy meal, or when plain water refuse to quench your thirst. Actually it's great for anytime of the day :).

For more information on this tea and if you want to sample or buy this brand of tea, do visit this site.

Cheers to good health!! Become a teaholic!! :)

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