14 October 2011

Lamington de Australia

Lamingtons reminds me of my Pre-University days back in Shillong, a beautiful hilly town in the North East India.    A piece, rather a cube of this cake use to cost five INR back in those days, around 1999-2000, and i was addicted to this cake and the best part was that it was sold only in one cafeteria, five minutes away from the hostel i was residing in :), it did dig one big hole in my pocket ;). After i moved to Bangalore for my Degree, i searched in all the popular pastry shops BUT sadly not one of them had even heard of this cake. I was devastated and shocked actually.

This cake, as it turns out, is a traditional Australian cake and i got to know about this through my favorite TV program 'Masterchef Australia', my craving for this cake was once again awakened and so i goggled and decided to bake it for my hubby's birthday. I didn't have time to cut and dip and roll the traditional way so this is what i made for him last year...

Boy! was he excited :), and i was super thrilled that my first attempt was a huge success, it was really good. I followed the exact recipe from joy of baking, one truly great site for baking enthusiasts i must say. This cake definitely is one of our common love and so two days back, when hubby told me that we were having his American colleague over for dinner, i went ahead and made this cake the original way. Our guest loved it and said it was the first time he was having lamingtons :D, i pat myself and told myself 'job well done'. It's great when your effort (esp in the kitchen) is appreciated :).

Chocolate and Coconut truly is a lovely combination...try it to believe it:).

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