26 February 2017

Kuaklei & Ganengdui Chutney

As you would have noticed, for the month of February, I decided to concentrate on chutneys.  And to wind up this chutney series, today, i'll be sharing a chutney that is special and typical to the Rongmei Nagas in the Tamenglong, Manipur region.  The special ingredients for todays chutney highlights fresh Kuaklei or Indian pennywort and Ganengdui or Fermented Mustard greens paste.

Kuaklei is a herb with many medicinal properties, and it is largely consumed by many in the northeast region, and even in the other parts of mainland India.  However, Ganengdui is very much a special and expensive produce enjoyed by the hardworking folks of Tamenglong, my home town.

It is a thick paste made from the reduction of the juice of fermented mustard greens, a long and tedious process.  This thick black lava is then stored in a bamboo container and placed near the fireplace to develop layers and layers of it's awesome taste and flavor.

Please find the simple recipe of this authentic and healthy chutney recipe below:

1 Tsp - Ganengdui Paste
I Tbsp - Drinking water, room temperature
4-5 - Fresh and crisp green chilies ( you can use any chilies of your choice, dried or fresh) 
4-5 - Garlic Pods
Handful of Kuaklei or a whole bunch of it, if you have
Salt as per taste

Clean the Kuaklei, soak it in saline water for a minute or two, rise it with cold water, and keep it aside.

Put the garlic and chilies in a bowl, add salt, and then crush it together roughly.  Keep aside.

Dilute the thick Ganengdui paste with 1 Tbsp water,  and then pour this into the chili-garlic mixture.  Give this a good mixing.

Finally, add the fresh Kuaklei into the spicy Ganengdui chutney base,  mix it up thoroughly, and chutney is ready!

Note: If Kuaklei is unavailable, you can substitute it with fresh Chives. It taste equally splendid!


  1. Thuan ku e, achailu! Rongmei tuang tugai tugai kanmei gan khatni tam guai popularize khatne promote subam mei khang ta.


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