18 December 2011

Turning 2!!!

Been off Pan Cuisine for a while and feel good to be back. Sadly will not be posting any recipe today but am leaving you with a peek into what's been keeping me away from here.

My lil' boy just completed two years and hubby and it is just amazing how incredibly fast time flies and how even quickly the kiddo is growing up. December truly is a fun packed month for this family what with two birthdays, an anniversary and then Christmas....what ffffUnnnnn!!!!!

The house is done up for Christmas as best as i can , truth is i lack unbelievably in the beautification department. 

And then the turning 2 party...

I'd been looking forward to A's 2nd birthday to bake THE CAKE for him. Since A is crazy about chocolate i wanted to make him a chocolate-loaded barrel cake with all his favorite chocolates and bars. The cake was not as neat as i would have wanted but it was well received by both parents and kids....phew!!

Blowing out B'day candle needs to be practiced in advance, my baby didn't quite get it..lol :)

Super excited to cut the cake...

Digging for his favorite m&ms :D....

The dinner spread.....

The menu was stir-fried homemade paneer, tomato dal, slow cooked chicken, my special pork curry and salads...thankfully everyone enjoyed it. 

It was fun to see the kids between 1s - 3s trying to interact with each other...a lot of busted balloons, crying, hyper energies, kicking, hugging, jumping but thankfully no nagging ones. The kiddies had fun and so did the parents....t'was a well spent evening. Now the journey of taming the terrible two begins....Hope you are enjoying this celebration season as much as we are :).. Cheers!!


  1. B'day wishes to your baby!! Chocolate loaded barrel cake looks so yummy!! Loved your decorations & dinner menu :) You have a 'Fabulous Blog' award waiting at my space. Grab it now! Here is the link: http://teenzyummydelights.blogspot.com/2011/11/liebster-blog-award.html

  2. Thanks soo much Teena for the award...


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