29 August 2013

Cooked Vegetable Chutney/Spicy Vegetables Side Dish/Spicy Vegetable Chutney

The dish today can be interpreted how ever way you want it. It is my most recent obsession. One of my good friend, an Ao Naga, introduced me to this dish, it is called Rusep in Ao and i am truly addicted. If you like to add more vegetables to your diet, but not too keen on plain boiled or steamed? Too lazy to make chutney? This is the answer for you my friend :).

Love Ngari/dried fermented fish? Love dried Anchovies? Have bits of vegetable lying around not enough for a proper dish?? Dump everything into a pot and transform it into a wonderfully delicious spicy dish.

The thing is I grew up eating vegetable curry prepared in the same style, but we would add more water to make a thin gravy. It never crossed my mind that reducing the quantity of water could change the whole dynamics of a dish like this. By all means adjust the salt and chillies but keep the quantity of water as it is. Here is the recipe. Please enjoy!!

3 -  Purple Brinjal
2 - Green Brinjal
3 - Baby Tomatoes
3-4 - Green Chillies
1 - Big Flat Ngari/ 2-3 Small Ngari/Dried Anchovies
Salt to taste
150 ml - Water

Wash, drain all the ingredients.
Dice the vegetables and chillies.
Wash the Ngari and take off the head.
Put everything into a cooking pot, pour water and add salt to taste and cook it over medium high heat.
Once the water starts bubbling reduce heat, put lid on and cook for 5-8 minutes or till the veggies are tender according to your liking. 
Serve hot with rice and dal or with pork curry. Yum!! Yum!!

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