13 June 2012

Peach & Mango Smoothie

The the mango season is slowly heading to an end, and in comes cherries, peaches and plums. Unfortunately, the other fruits have yet to live up (taste wise) to their good looks. The first boxes of cherries and peaches i bought was awfully disappointing. So i preserved the cherries in sugar water and made smoothies using the peaches. 

I find the scent of peaches intoxicating. Back in the village, almost every home will have a few peach trees and when someone come visiting, a basketful of peaches will be freshly plucked and laid out to be enjoyed by everyone. Precious memories, i dunno whether my son will get to experience the beauty of a rustic village life but i sure hope he gets to taste the fruits from my birthplace. Anyway, back to the smoothie, it is a mock -tail of peach and mango and oh-so-good. The fresh scent of peach and the sweetness of the mango was a delightful combination. This recipe is for just one person.

1 Cup - Peach halves, skinned
1/4 Cup - Mango Puree
1/3 Cup - Milk
2 Tsp - Sugar
3-4 Tbsp - Water

Mix everything in the food processor and blitz till smooth. Add sugar and water depending on how sweet and thin you want your smoothie to be.
Garnish with crushed pistachios and some fresh sweet cherries.

Super simple, fresh and delicious refreshing drink served. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks soooo yummy .....feel like having it right now.


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