25 November 2011

Fried Finger Bread

The feel of winter is in the air, here in Hyderabad. If you're outside the heat still burns your skin, but if you're inside the house, your toes get eerily cold you just wanna curl up inside the comfort of your warm bed :). Today's post is one of missing home and reliving some of the taste from my childhood, when life was truly carefree and 5 rupees was still a lot of money :).

I got hold of this recipe from my dear friend Naro and have been meaning to make it but kept postponing it because it is a deep fried delight. But with the winter air throwing up memories of home and the good ole days...i just had to make it :).

I grew up enjoying this fried bread in one of the tea stall back in my home town. They use to serve it fried like a puffed up ball. Fresh out of the pan, it use to be absolutely irresistible. I used to make sure that my mom brought this back with her whenever she go to the market :).

2 1/2 Cup - All Purpose Flour
1/2 Cup - Oil
1/4 Cup - Milk
1/2 Cup - Sugar
3 Tsp - Baking Powder
1 Tsp - Baking Soda
Veg oil for deep frying

This recipe is a very versatile one. The same recipe can be used for making fried doughnut, back at home we call it Naga Doughnut and this is something we loved making as kids on Christmas Eve staying up till 12 O'Clock to be gifted to friends and families on Christmas morning :).

  • Sieve the flour, baking soda and baking powder and keep aside
  • Beat the sugar, oil and milk using a hand mixer till the sugar is dissolved
  • Add the eggs one at a time and give it a good whisk
  • Heat the oil for deep frying with the flame on medium-low
  • Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour the wet mixture into it  and start combining it with your hand
  • The dough will be sticky, so add flour a Tbsp at a time and work on the dough till it stops sticking on your hand
  • Take the dough the size of a Tbsp and roll it out to a long cylindrical
  • Curve into a U shape and taking one end of the U, place it atop the other repeating till the ends are joined looking like a braid
  • Fry the fingers and keep tossing it so that all the sides are cooked
  • Fry it till it is nicely browned, lil' crusty outside but nice and cakey inside

My kiddo liked it, t'was his breakfast :). I'll definitely be making this again on Christmas Eve and keep it as a  Christmas tradition for this family ;).


  1. Delicious crispy ones !!!
    Following you :-))
    Hope u'll follow my space too..

  2. What's not to love about fried bread, they look insane :)


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