Black Sticky Rice Pudding - Rongmei Naga Style - Taste and Memories of Home

Been thinking of home lately, especially of all the seasonal fruits and vegetables, and remembering the scent  of the monsoon season. People back at my home town might say, i'm romanticizing memories of home and forgetting how dreadfully wet and damp it is during this season. Well, may be i am, fact is you somehow appreciate the beauty of a rustic land when you are cooped up in a city apartment day and night. Despite the lack of ease, somehow home seems much more beautiful and lovable despite the comfort of city life.

Today's recipe is one of my mom's creation. As mentioned before in some of my earlier posts, my mom is one of those mama who just doesn't have the drive to cook and churn out great dishes, but once in a while she does surprise us with some really delicious food. This black rice pudding or Nap Naang, as it is called in my language, is one of those delicious treat that she use to make for us as an after school snack. It is sweet, nutty and very filling. A very simple and humble treat but very delicious and packed with healthy fiber indeed. To learn more about the benefits of black sticky rice or black glutenous rice read here.

There are two types of sticky rice, one is Off-White in color and the other Black/ Purplish in color. Today's recipe calls for the black one. You can enjoy this rice as a savory treat as well along with roasted and powdered black sesame seed, recipe to be put up in one of the later posts, or you can enjoy it as a lovely pudding like this. Fast, simple and so yummy. This is a very versatile dish, you can have it for breakfast, as an afternoon treat or as a dessert. It is yummilicious all the way.

So, here's my mom's black sticky rice pudding recipe. Enjoy!!

11/2 Cup - Black Sticky Rice/ Glutenous Rice
3 Cups - Water
1 Tbsp - Sugar
6-7 Tbsp - Nestle Everyday Dairy Whitener 

Wash the rice a couple of time and then soak it for half and hour.
Once soaked, drain the water and measure 3 cups of water into a pressure cooker, add the sugar and cook the rice for about 8-10 minutes and then turn off heat.
Let cool for about 5 minutes and then put the pressure cooker under running water to let off the remaining pressure inside.
Once opened, stir the rice and then add the dairy whitener according to how sweet you prefer your pudding to taste. 
Serve Warm.


  1. Hi!
    Stumbled on your blog while I was looking for some ragi cake recipes. :-) Glad to know you are keeping a diary for Naga cuisine. I love to try cooking cuisines from different states in India as and when ingredients are available. Am a Maharashtrian myself. Naga cuisine is completely new to me. I have tasted Assamese though in a restaurant here in Bombay. I'd definitely be game to try out a few recipes I came across while browsing on your blog. Would you possibly know where to source this black rice in Bombay by any chance? I don't remember seeing it anywhere :-) Thanks a lot and keep posting!
    ~ Kalyani

  2. Hi Kalyani, thanks for stopping by. Hope you have fun trying some Naga dish :). I'm so sorry but i don't know where to source sticky rice in Mumbai. Hope you come over here again. Cheers!!!


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