4 April 2012

Passion Week Baking!!

I'm over come by excitement as i type this post :D. My bread-making fixation has finally paid off and i can now officially bake a pro-pa, light and soft and sweet and cannot resist another bite Bread & Buns. How exciting!

Set me-self a target, that i have to overcome this handicap this week. Why you ask? This week is extra special for me as a believer in Jesus Christ. Good Friday signify the great sacrifice Jesus paid to secure my Salvation and Easter Sunday signify the promise of Resurrection and so this week is of immense importance for me and every believer in Christ.

Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs are synonymous with the Passion Week as turkey is with Thanksgiving. And so i was ever determined to crack this hurdle because i wanted to bake breads and buns and share with family, friends and neighbors.   

Finally! after many an attempt, and many a failed attempt, and many a time of dumping of rock-solid half cooked-inedible finished products in the bin with a heavy & sinking heart, FINALLY! the bread came out ALIVE & KICKING! (not literally, not the bread but my heart, definitely :)).

I'm sharing just the proof of my handiwork for now :D but will post the recipe in my next post. Wish you all a very blessed week. Happy Easter! God's best this week and always!

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